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MV Organic Mineral Mask

I hadn't realised how many masks I actually owned until I was trying to find a place for this MV Organic Skincare Signature Mineral Mask. I literally have something for every eventuality and then some. But this glorious, packed like coffee grounds, just gives my skin a little more. 

Firstly, this is not a kick your heels back, apply and forget about it mask, you can, but, for best results, it is recommended you remove it before it dries. It's a once a week option for me but can be used more often and I do love the little silver vessel, brush and all the mixing to create this beauty, I often partake in a little alchemy and add oils to the 2 teaspoons of mask &  water, just a drop or two and then sweep it onto my face using the delicate fan brush. 

Winter makes me long for the darkness to fall and into my bathroom, I head, surveying my many potions like a mad scientist. 
The only struggle I have with this product is the lack of any smell at all, I do like something and although this gives my skin such a treat, I do feel less enamoured purely for the lack of that 'ah' moment. 
But, the results on my skin from the white clay are so good, rich in silica, magnesium and zinc, this is a gentle but super effective skincare choice to rid you of those dead skin cells and leave skin brighter and smooth to the touch. It certainly enables following products to be absorbed more efficiently. 
It soothes, destresses and calms the skin, use alone or blend with the many fabulous oil options from MV Organics, your skin will thank you for it. 
A mask of great value, this will last for a fair time and ensure you have skin to envy. 

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