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Dermalogica Trio Masks - skincare's answer to the 3 Wise Men

Dermalogica has a trio of masques, Power Rescue Masques that will save your skin this festive period, but first, an interlude.

We, meaning me and 'him indoors', have the same conversation each year, around this time. "Let's not go crazy this year, with food, it's silly, we always have too much", "we'll be sensible, just a small turkey, a few treats, that's all we need". 
We both nod enthusiastically, with the best intentions, and then I spot Cadbury's chocolate animals (always had those as a child), sugared almonds, that are more like exercise than pleasure as they rattle around my mouth, threatening to take some of my teeth with them, must have some of those and finally the turkey. We left a woman, once, in the freezer aisle, weeping with laughter, I had reached for a suitably sized turkey, for two, feeds 6, enough for the meal, the sandwiches, the curry and the boiling down to make stock. Ah, but this isn't what we left with, no, Craig, hoisted a frozen bird into the air and declared "this will do", it fed 16! 
My point is, we all deserve a little treat and of course by the end of December you never want to see cheese ever again, but, it's my skin that tells me whether I've been naughty or nice, not Santa, and when it's cheesed and chocolate-d up, I need skincare that eases it all back into working order. 
Dermalogica, you have the floor.

So, my skin gets complicated and having a selection of masques to either multi-masque or to treat the affected area or just sit back and cover the whole face, Dermalogica has a wonderful set for all skincare needs and areas of the face. 

This Multi-Vitamin Power Recovery masque includes all the ingredients, all the technology, it's the bionic woman in a masque.  A soothing, rejuvenating option with Vitamins A, C and E, algae, Pro-Vitamin B5, Licorice, Comfrey and Burdock, to ensure skin is rescued from dehydration and dryness. Food, heat and alcohol can give skin such a lacklustre feel and look, this is the masque to masque all that. 

Charcoal is popular masque and for me and my oily-ish skin, applied in the right area, this Charcoal Rescue Masque makes a huge difference to the general appearance, far brighter and cleaner, it really removes the impurities. I also find the sulfur within this masque, really encourages cell turnover and my skin so much livelier after removal. In the colder months, I apply Charcoal masques only in specific areas, nose, chin and forehead, the heating affects my skin but I tend to be rather dehydrated during the Winter. Summer months, this is a weekly treat across my whole face, it's one masque I wouldn't personally sleep in, others I do regularly but this is hard working and fast acting. 

The Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque is such a comfort for my skin and works superbly overnight as a treat when applied over a serum or facial oil. 
It is calming and so good when the stress of the festive season show on your face, we all feel it, even when we promise ourselves we won't, (that turkey will fit in the roasting tin, won't it?!)
Hyaluronic acid, keeps skin plumped and hydrated, perfect to use on areas of dryness and as part of multi-masking. 
Superb as an overnight throat/neck treatment, I apply it over my neck mask and it feels so rich and moisturising. 

Forget the Wise men this Christmas, Dermalogica has your skin care needs wrapped up with this Power Rescue Masque Trio. 

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