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Sample Sunday - The Retinol, The TLC and the face

My choice from the bag of samples for this week has been two from brands I respect and have used various products from. Eve Lom and Alpha H. 
Eve Lom TLC cream I have used previously and Alpha H Beauty Sleep Power Peel, I haven't used. 

I am rather slapdash about Retinol, having been rather scared of the whole thing, I now apply without a second thought,  I don't peel, tingle or shed, not a flake of skin. 
 It is easy to be blase with regular products, but a new one, well, it's better to be prepared. Alpha H Beauty Sleep Power Peel is 0.5%, I have used stronger, but the glycolic is 15% and this can sometimes react with my skin, it doesn't do to presume. This cream texture smooths easily over a cleansed face, not to be applied under the eye area. It is the first time I have had slight discomfort, hardly anything but it did sting on application. This wore off after a few seconds and there was no obvious redness or patching to my skin. Throughout the evening I kept checking and all looked and felt fine, so, I decided to go the whole night and leave it on. 
This is a product that is recommended for two nights a week and honestly, I feel it needs longer than a week, yes, it's a sample, even after one night I could see a slight change in the texture and tone of my skin, this needs longer use. So, yes it was good, no reaction for the two evenings I used it, I could see a slight change but would need longer for a true results review. 

I have two skincare items that are my version of the Monopoly Get Out Of Jail card, these are the products that come to my rescue when nothing works and it needs proper care. One is the Clarins SOS Concentrate, don't ask, just buy it and the second is the above Eve Lom product, TLC cream, because it is exactly that, care in a tube. It has dealt with hormonal breakouts, stress related skin horrors, pesky pimples from nowhere that are redder than Rudolph's nose, I apply this to the affected area or even my whole face and it just works, soothes, calms and brings my skin back. I delved into the sample bag for this as a backup if all went wrong with the Beauty Sleep Peel, luckily it wasn't needed but it's such a great item to always have and a treat for skin too, I like to pop some onto cleansed skin once a month, it's almost like a holiday for my skin. 

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