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Lola by Perse - Limited Editions to eye up!

Lola has tempted us with these limited editions of mascara and eyeliner. I sincerely hope they are added to the extensive beauty range on offer already from the brand, they are too good and really should come with the label, Lola is for always, not just for Christmas. 

I'm a fussy bird when it comes to mascara, (ah, you heard), of course, this would have to be 'the one'. The All In One packs a punch without loading the wand with too much product, the tightly bristled wand holds a lash worthy amount of product and coats the lashes well, without leaving excess behind. It grips the eyelashes, curling and lifting as you work it through, tremendous fluttering is achieved. 
A true black, although, not waterproof, this holds in place and as a regular weeper, it doesn't run down the face. 
I love it and beg for it stay, please. 

I do envy that rock chick kohl, smudged, eye look and have often achieved it, unintentionally. The hayfever season and mascara are all that is needed in my case!
But, you all know my love of eyeliner, even though the upper lids are now drooping down and my eyeliner is not as great as it once was, I'm holding out and this dual ended option from Lola, has given me the incentive to embrace my inner Kate Moss smudged eye, with a felt tip liner at one end and the most impressive Kajal stick at the other, I am spoilt for choice. 
The felt tip gives precise control and a beautiful strong line, this is a true black pigment and there is no fading. With practice the line can be drawn quite thin, it depends on the angle the liner is held when applying. The kajal is superbly in your face, strong, dark and intense, this isn't for the faint-hearted, but, it can be softened and blended to a subtle finish, this gives a lovely grey hue to the eye and a gorgeous smoked effect.
So, embrace your inner rock chick and grab these while you can from, Lola.

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