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Veet Sensitive Precision - hair today, gone tomorrow

When the nice people of Veet mentioned a gadget that may aid my brow grooming, I was in, yes, sign me up. The Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler arrived, my brows were as thankful as I was. My husband took great joy in commenting 'have they seen your photo on Instagram and thought your moustache needed some trimming', how 'HE' laughed!

I do love a gadget and even better, one that multi-tasks, this deals with all areas, you get my meaning, gently and sensitively. 
The gadget itself is super lightweight, so, perfect for taking away, to keep on top of regrowth (somehow, that word makes me shudder).

The Veet Sensitive Precision beauty styler is designed to trim and shape hair on delicate parts of the body. This has a specific attachment head for the face, bikini line and underarms and all can be kept clean with the cleaning brush. Veet has thought of everything, this styler comes with the required AA battery and a carry pouch. 

For me, personally, this has helped immensely with keeping the brows under control, it gives me great control and helps me shape with ease. I also get very little redness to the area when I have finished. Great also when I am rushed, but, want to tame the caterpillar brows, I am hooked. 

This is the perfect gadget, it is gentle yet gives precision to the area, I can only comment about brows, as this was my great need. I can't be without Veet, now. 

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