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Hollywood Browzer - just having a brow-se

 There is something so pleasing about a simple beauty tool that actually works. No bells and whistles, no fancy gadgetry, it is made to work effortlessly, painlessly and be effective. Hooray for Hollywood I say and the Hollywood Browzer.

The Hollywood Browzer is not only great to tame the brows, it can be used safely on the body and the face. 
There is no preparation needed to the area, just, ensure it is clean and dry, unfold the browzer and hold at a 45-degree angle, I find short strokes work well for my brows, it doesn't feel like you've even touched the area, but, you have, so, don't get carried away!

There is also a trend to shave the face, remove the peach fuzz that is naturally on all faces, but, some have more than others. Now, I firmly believe it's your face, so, do what makes you happy. I personally don't have an issue with my fuzzy face and never have. Of course, reading that Marilyn Monroe was the owner of quite an extensive peachy fuzzy face, which actually photographed and filmed so beautifully, it gave her a naturally soft focused finish. I'm sure the layers of vaseline, also ensured a hazy look. But, if it was good enough for the icon Monroe, then I can stand a furry face. If you are concerned, then the Hollywood Browzer is such a safe option, I wouldn't hesitate to use it on my face. The beauty is, it doesn't irritate any area, my brow area is never red or itchy, it doesn't catch the skin, you really can hardly believe you've used it. 

This is perfect to pack away and carry in your makeup bag for a quick fix, if you notice a brow hair out of place or a pesky chin hair that suddenly waves in the wind and you've left your tweezers at home, reach for this. You can also use it on the bikini line, hairline, upper lip, if you're from Middle Earth, then finger and toe hair (no offence, we all get them). The perfect tool, hair today, gone tomorrow. 

Hooray for the Hollywood Browzer

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