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Merumaya I list highly on my 'skincare I love' list, not only do the products I have tried work but they smell fabulous and with a wonderful lady and team behind the brand it's a pleasure to have the opportunity to use the products. 
Now we have a new launch (OUT 20th JANUARY) and for a retinol lovers like myself, it's an exciting one. 
Merumaya Retinol Resurfacing Treatment.

Before you panic, yes, Retinol (Vitamin A) can cause irritation to the skin and therefore is not always the most pleasant skincare product to use. Merumaya has considered this and the new formulation takes this issue and concern into account. Using Retinol in the maximum permitted amount, natural ingredients have been blended with this to counter these effects. 
You have the best of both worlds, Vitamin A the skin whisperer, telling skin cell receptors to behave as healthy younger cells, taking away the skin's top layers, giving skin an even tone, smoothing out wrinkles and thickening new layers. Then we have the calm after the storm, Aroleat Samphira is a copy cat ingredient, it imitates retinol but it's not irritating. Used together with Vitamin A, you get the power of retinol with a comfort blanket. 
Add to this Matrixyl 3000, no it's not a new character from Star Wars, it's skin wars secret weapon, a peptide blend that repairs the skin and works on deep wrinkle formation. 
Calming and skin softening Boerhavia Diffusa Root, two weights of hyaluronic acid there to retain moisture and squalane (olive oil origin) gives that lovely feel to the skin that you often find in facial oils, this also is a component of the skin's lipid barrier so skin is bouncy, all this in one upscale airless pump packaging with refreshed branding. 

Using this as part of my skincare evening routine, I have found a brighter skin surface, my fluctuating pigmentation is rendered practically invisible, this was after using the Retinol Resurfacing Treatment for 16 days, gradually I noticed a change in the texture and general look of my skin, the pigmentation faded as the evenings of use built up. I am an avid user of SPF, it's a must when you start playing with the big boys, see it as a vest for your skin each day, keeps the nasties out. 
My list of product love is ever growing from Merumaya, this is now a part of that group, Retinol Resurfacing Treatment, gives you your skin, but, better. 

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