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ESTEE LAUDER - Advanced Night Repair Recovery Mask Oil

Estee Lauder has that iconic little brown bottle of Advanced Night Repair to thank for great skin globally, now, they have created a little treat to work in conjunction with the serum. Recovery Mask In Oil has recently launched and it sits alongside my skincare with a halo 'imagined' over the top. 

It is very rare for me to feel the time is right, so early, to mention a skincare product, I wait months as you know. This, however, had me perspiring to share my love and the results I have already seen. I may do another update at a later stage, but for now, let me sing on high about this. From the delicate ombre bottle, how I long for it to be glass, a pipette is housed that delivers the silky oil into the palm of the hand.
This works, in the same way, I have used varying masks for years, it seals in the skincare used beneath to give skin the optimum treatment and hopefully heighten the results. Alone it has skincare benefits and is packed with potent advanced ingredients, oils aplenty, apricot, sunflower, Kuku, rosemary and a caffeine kick from coffee seed extract.

It is a silky oil, it has texture, it has a subtle relaxing aroma and melts over the skin. I had a couple of breakouts the first morning after I had used it, but, I've had nothing but glowing skin since embracing this. 
I reach for this every evening now, it sits over my choice of serums and moisturisers. 
Ideally, of course, Lauder would love you to use this in partnership with the Advanced Night Repair Serum and why not? it would certainly be a treat for the skin. I, however, have the stubborn intention of never doing what is expected and like to do my own 'thing' when it comes to skincare, so, I do use the mask in oil over various brands of skincare. I will of course at some point return to the original brown bottle of serum, it was my staple for years and is a long-term skincare investment. 

Scary no makeup photographs are needed to share the glow from this product, once applied this gives skin a lovely glow, by morning, both the above pics are the morning after and although the lighting isn't great, hopefully, you can see how clear my skin is. The clarity is amazing, although, to truly appreciate the change in my skin after using this, I have to press my nose up against the mirror to see the texture improvement.
From this mask in oil, I have seen such beautiful changes to my skin. Products I have used for a considerable time have been performing for my skin, but, this has notably added to the effectiveness of these items and the double whammy has given me smooth, even, clear skin. 
Superb results are given by this product, worth the investment to ensure great skin. 

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