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Becca Afterglow Palette - access all areas, of my face.

Sunday, the day of rest, well, that no longer appears to be the case. I still get that Sunday feeling, the relaxed, comforting laziness that Sunday was all about years ago, when there was no option but to take it easy as shops were closed, very little was open in fact. 
I still wanted to apply some makeup today, but, didn't want piles of pots of gloopy or powdery colour littering my dressing table. 
So, the Becca Afterglow Palette was my choice and this is where I love using a palette for everything, well, almost. 

Becca Afterglow Palette is intended for the face, cheeks mainly and consists of three shimmering skin perfectors and two mineral blushers. But, I do love breaking the rules and this was going to be used for my eye makeup also. 
I used Topaz (the third colour from the left) over the entire mobile lid, followed by Wild Honey in the crease and also below the lash line. Using the first colour to the left of the palette (Moonstone), this was great for the brow bone and as a cheekbone highlighter.
I finished with the blush and used it for the intended purpose of giving a glorious hit of warming pink to my cheeks, the colour (Flowerchild) is one of the prettiest I have. 

Even walking the dog asks for a little thought in presentation sometimes, although, I do prefer the fallen out of bed, is she alive look when hitting the beach early doors with the dog.

Becca Afterglow Palette, there was a before, during and after with this palette, life was made easier most definitely. 

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