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Lady Danger from Mac is a love hate product, I wore orange reds for most of my twenties without a second thought. As I aged, my skin tone altered and blue reds became my staple, but, don't you sometimes just want to wear something, because you do? Who cares anyway, it's only lipstick, so, I took Betty for a walk and layered on Lady Danger for the hell of it. 

Dog walking is generally a scruffy episode in my day, old tatty jeans, walking shoes and my coat with a myriad of pockets to contain all the dog essentials. I wear a spare lead around my neck like most people wear a necklace, my hair is scraped up and I rarely bother what my face looks like.  Dog walkers generally only make eye contact with other dogs, conversations are littered with naughty episodes featuring said dog and then off we go with a cheery wave and I confess I rarely know the owners by name, but, the dogs and I are on first name terms. 
Some days I just want to make the effort, even if no one will see me, I'm not even going out, but the routine of skincare and then makeup just makes me happy and why the heck shouldn't I wear a statement lip when walking my dog?
Lady Danger glares out during the Winter Months, it blinks brightly, blinding all who venture near. Summer months, it eases back and softens against my sun-kissed skin, but I loved the boldness, the glaring orange that clashes terribly with my red jacket.
I paced onwards to the beach, persuading an unwilling dog that her walk is the most exciting thing at that moment. So, that was my striking lipstick moment, why shouldn't you wear something that isn't expected for the environment you're in, dress up to go food shopping, wear your heels to put the refuse out, life is too short to sweat the small stuff. 

So, if you spot a woman, negotiating with a dog about actually attempting to walk, wearing a red jacket bulging with dog treats and wearing a red lip, mainly on her teeth, say hello, it'll be me! 

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