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EVOLVE CLEANSING BALM - the stuff of dreams

Evolve and my ever evolving cleansing balm journey.

When I bought my first cleansing balm in my late teens I would never have expected to 'still', a few decades later be obsessed with the wonders of removing the makeup I so lovingly apply. 
Of course, balms have come and gone, some quicker than others, you know the ones, anything that resembles the goose fat I baste my roast potatoes with is a definite no-no.
I have favourite, you loyal followers will know one in particular, yes, 'that' one, but, I do like to try balms, be they new launches or just ones that I haven't had an opportunity to use.

Evolve Cleansing Balm, whatcha got for me?

This balm has quite a fluidity about it, silky, rich with the warmth of vanilla, superbly glistening, there is a glycerin, the cooking variety, appearance about this.
On application the balm is soothing, easy to manipulate over the face and very quick to lift away makeup, I find the warmth of my hands and massaging change this to a wonderful liquified lotion, water can be added to take it down to a milky texture and I always remove using a cloth. The smell is superb, sweet and relaxing.
This 100% natural product is 100% fabulous, with Baobab oil releasing its many-faceted properties, vitamin A, protein, calcium and vitamin C, add to the mix vanilla a natural anti-oxidant, this is a cleanser that naturally cares for the skin and keeps it in superb condition.

As with many cleansing balms, this is labelled for normal - dry skin, my skin is certainly not dry and normal, well! I am loathed to pigeon hole my skin and have always found balms work super well on my often oily, sometimes dehydrated and occasionally stressed face. This is a revelation, very unusual in its consistency, but, it works, my goodness it works, my skin feels clean and the lovely thing is not an ounce of my skin feeling dry after removing the cleanser.

Definitely one for the repurchase list, superb on every level, removing makeup and caring for my skin.

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