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Merumaya - Lip Treatment, keep that pout

Lips, like hands, are often the forgotten part of the body, until something happens, they dry out, develop wrinkles and then we suddenly want products to work for us. The solution is from Merumaya and their new kid on the skincare block, Lip Line Restoration Treatment.

As a talker but never a smoker there is a chance that my lip area will one day be in need of more help, so, Lip Line Restoration from Merumaya is the answer at the moment. I am thinking, prevention rather than cure, but, this delicate cream has quite a lip smacking punch where ingredients are concerned.
Using a very specific fragment of elastin and ceramide, these combined go to war on wrinkles, their depth and roughness. As we age, everything depletes, well, it feels that anyway and skin needs help retaining it's firmness and elasticity, hyaluronic and silicium combined help the building blocks of this, giving skin a better texture and firmness. 
I like the light-weight texture, perfect to use both morning and evening, blends easily and leaves my lip area softer. Although I haven't any major issues as yet with my lip area, I have found applying this has decreased the dryness I often get, especially in the corners of my mouth and certainly I haven't needed lip balms by the bucket load to deal with the dryness since this joined my routine. As with all the Merumaya products, they are aimed at a sensible price point, developed to the highest standards and loved by legions of Merumaya fans. 

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