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Phil Smith - The Hair On My Head

Hello Moisture from the Phil Smith hair range is going to work wonders on my temperamental hair. 

The Phil Smith Be Gorgeous hair product range has been developed by the man himself using his 20 plus years of experience in the industry. I have two follicle delighting products to sample, Hello Moisture Intensive Conditioning Treatment and Glam Shine Glossing Serum - review here 

Let's get intense 

My hair is tired, often frizzy and just lacks life, I need that intensity without a visit to a salon and this conditioning treatment had a lot to offer. Perfect as a hair pick-me-up, offering to give me some knockout shine along the way. This oozes richness as I worked it through my washed locks, there is nothing rushed about this product, at least 15 minutes for it to work its magic and it is worth every second. The aroma of this fresh scented conditioner makes the whole experience enjoyable and relaxing. I thoroughly rinsed my hair once the time was up and my goodness it was soft, without the wisps of frizz here and there, it had a weight to it, a healthy swishy weight and shone. 
The beauty of this conditioner was the small amount needed, and the coverage. I find with other alternatives, I often use half a tube to actually get the product to work through my hair. Phil Smith conditioner just dissolves through my hair evenly and I could work my fingers through it, without hair loss and fingers snagging. 

For me, this is very much like a specialised skincare treatment, I use it once a week as an intensive regime for my hair, I have started to wrap my hair in a towel as it works its magic and my hair is so much better for this extra inclusion in my shampoo, conditioner and run routine. It is worth the time, to use such an effective product. 

This is high a quality performing hair care range at reasonable prices, with a tremendous selection for all hair types and concerns, you can't split hairs about it.

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