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Phil Smith Glam Shine - an alternative halo

Phil Smith is offering to give me my shine back. 

Phil Smith Glam Shine Glossing Serum is halo-inducing, actually, it does what it says, you need sunglasses to protect you from the reflection. 
Firstly this smells great, zesty fresh, a little transformed my hair to a glossy mane. Easy to use on damp hair and a great saviour on dry hair for those frizzy, flyaway days, just a drop in the palm of your hands and naughty hair is sent packing. The sheen is something else, properly glossy and beautifully healthy, at least in appearance. I do find age has withered my hair and because it has length it doesn't take much for it to look tangled, drab and uninspiring.
This serum is substantial and I feel this is why it works so well, it really clings to the follicles thereby accentuating the hair, giving it depth and life, where it has lost the natural glow. A little goes a long way, this is no watery consistency, it packs a lot of hair caring power in a couple of pumps.

The healthy shine is wonderful to see, I found myself stood far too long in my bathroom watching the lights above bounce their glow on my shiny hair, I was transfixed. Funny how you take glossy hair for granted, ah, the wonders of youth. Definitely a product for all, but, as an older, grey and hair thinning bird, there is something about shiny hair that gives me hope. 

Be gorgeous, grab a glam shine and reacquaint yourself with your hair.

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