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DRPAWPAW - A 'Paws' In The Proceedings

Dr PawPaw offers the ultimate multi-tasking product with this balm. 

I particularly love the Dr PawPaw red balm, the ease of application ensures this makes not only a great skincare product perfect for the lips but also doubles as a colour item, adding that flushed hue to the cheeks, without being too sticky, it leaves the most angelic sheen to the face and a softness of colour to the lips.  A great option if you don't want to carry too many products around and I feel this will certainly be used a lot during the summer months.

Packed with natural ingredients and healing ones to boot, this is certainly a welcome addition to the makeup bag. Fragrance-free makes it pleasant to use on the face, although you can imagine it should smell of fields full of ripe strawberries.

Dr Paw Paw offers so many choices and although the red balm would, of course, be my first choice, there are many others to suit, including the original, which is a 'wonder' in a tube, that can be used on hair, nails, elbows etc. 

Don't 'Paws' for thought with this range of products. 

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