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Layering Lab Body Sprays - the smell of success

Layering Lab offers not only the opportunity to douse yourself in the subtlety of their body sprays but also to become a perfumer. You create 'your' signature scent.

New to Superdrug, I am featuring 3 choices (there are more to choose from in the range), in the Layering Lab fragrance house, I had many options to create many scents to suit the moment and the mood. 
Let's start afresh and with that, my favourite of the sprays, without combining with the others, Fresh

This spray begins with a fruity hint and then opens to a zest/citrus middle, wait for the warmth of the sweet pear and this is Spring in a bottle, uplifting, refreshing and perfect to relax the senses. I love this alone, but it works a treat when blended with both Floral & Oriental, offering a subtle difference to both sprays without out-shining the original fragrances. Although only a spray, I found the longevity very good and certainly I was aware of the sweetness of this spray and hour after application. 

Oriental was another of the sprays that alone works so well with my skin and ph levels, it is fruity, but, then delves into the spicy depths adding warmth to fragrance. Sweet and powerful. I adored the combination of this with Fresh, it gave the refreshing fragrance such warmth. Mixed with Floral, needs a delicate hand, too much and the softness of Floral is gone, so a tiny amount and the softness is slightly spicy and richer for it. I find it extends my awareness of the fragrance.

Floral, although fruity, which I love, does have that note of Rose through it. I'm not suited to Floral and alone this was the least lasting fragrance, but, the genius that is Layering Lab has given me the option to pep up this spray up to suit me and lift the rose, peony, violet to a richer, spicier, warmer level. Floral works well with Oriental, as I mention above only a little is needed to alter the scent and accentuate the fruity notes and add a little spice. Fresh lifts Floral to a fresher feeling and smelling spray, very summery and warming. 

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