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Gosh Spring / Summer 2017

Gosh, actually it is an apt name for a brand that often makes me stop in my tracks at their colourful makeup section in my local Superdrug.
The Spring/Summer collection for 2017, is indeed worthy of a gosh or two.

I am without a doubt a creature of habit and some makeup items just make me desperate to open and use them. Grey shadows are my favourite smokey eye option, Gosh has presented the most elegant, silk smoothing shadows I have used in a long time. The texture is almost like fabric and it smoothes onto the eye, holding all its pigment and giving a strong colour payback. 
Quads are such a great option, they have safe light-toned colours that add softness and elegance to the eye, darker shades add definition and can be used as eyeliner, either dry or wet. The whole caboodle of the quad is an amazing tool to create an impressive smoked eye, that lasts and holds it's colour. 

Matte is very 2017, at least for the start of the year and these Liquid Matte Lips are packaged colourfully and pack a punch when applied to the lips. 
The texture has substance and doesn't feel at all drying, 'which can happen with matte lip products', these feel very comfortable and last longer because of the texture. They are some of the better-textured lip products that I've used.  

With the name etched into the bullet of the lipstick, Gosh has taken the simplicity of the lipstick to the next level, etching is always attractive to the eye and gives makeup that little bit more, as does this lipstick. 
Rich in colour and soft on application, this glides over the lips, leaving the colour embedded, these lipsticks have a high concentration of colour pigments. Vitamin E also gives these lipsticks a long lasting moisturising finish. 

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