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B Beauty Contouring Cream

B. Beauty has a workout for you, this one involves no gym membership, this is skincare to give your face a workout. 

B. Lifted Contouring Cream offers an immediate tightening effect on the skin, taut is suggested, I am all for taut and actually can't remember ever feeling my face was taut, so this will be interesting. 
Redefining, firming and with improved skin elasticity and collagen levels, this is one exciting product, using ingredients such as Vitamin B5, Hyaluronic acid, Olive leaf extract and shea butter.
Very much applied as I would a primer, this is far more effective when pressed into the skin rather than smoothed over the face. It has texture to it and for me, once it feels like my skin I know the product is properly worked onto the face. 
This is quite unique in skincare terms, at least for me, it is the skins version of a makeup primer and I really like it. Used beneath either my am or pm serum or moisturiser this gave me smoother looking skin by my third week of use, I also found using the product on localised areas gave me visible results quickly, my lovely frown, scowl, squint lines between my eyes were certainly smoothed out, this was the area I felt would be the hardest to irradicate, it didn't quite achieve that, but, they didn't look as pronounced. Over my forehead, my skin looked smoother, and that's been the obvious sign from using the Contouring cream, the smoothness of my skin where the product has been applied. Is my skin taut, it's a difficult one, I still look like me and I suppose taut always makes me think of skin stretched to its full capacity, the word 'smooth' is what I would come back to and in that, yes, it must be taut to some degree as the skin is not as 'perplexed'.

I've found this cream a welcome edition to my skincare collection, worth adding before the application of day or nightly moisturiser. Use on localised areas that concern you or over the whole face, it's a little like a nights sleep in a bottle. 

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