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Evolve, well the word love is hidden within the name and this is pure unadulterated LOVE of the Radiant Glow Mask.

Removing the lid from this pot was a moment very like Christmas, you appreciate the packaging, but, you just need to get in and see what is hidden beneath. In the case of Evolve, they have spooned the most delicious looking and smelling mask into an apothecary brown glass jar.
How it ever made it onto my face I honestly can't think, I seriously could have quite easily eaten it, my goodness.
Buff and glow, the alternate name I have given this mask, that is basically what it does, using the pure Cacao and clay to purify and revitalise the skin, the coconut shell powder gently, but, thoroughly remove dead skin cells, leaving skin smooth, clean and super refreshed and using sweet almond oil to keep the skin healthy without the tacky texture of many products.

I have used many 'glow claiming' products, and yes they give a slight change to the face but it's gone in no time, this left my skin so clean and smooth - it wasn't just short term. I absolutely adore the results, and as is always the case when those pesky dead skin cells are removed, skincare and makeup to follow always applies better and looks better.
Definitely one for the repurchase list, I just find this delicious.

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