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Becca First Light Priming Filter offers to refresh my complexion, let's go!

Becca has developed this pick me up for the face and as the Winter months are hopefully a distant memory my skin welcomes this lavender hued primer, I need a little help.
My skin gets some great skincare coming its way, but, I still often feel my skin looks dull and I easily get anxious which shows itself as fatigue through my skin and face. So, this is two of the 5 bad face day issues that this primer was developed to target, the others, a little like the seven dwarf roll call are - Dehydration, Puffiness and Fine Lines.
As a primer, the instinct is to apply and then get that makeup on, but this can be worn alone and gives skin a luminous and perky finish.
Primers are not always my favourite thing, I use them obsessively and then I suppose I get bored and decide I don't really need them, until the next time that is.
Primers are like a second skin now, they are light as air and Becca have the lightest touch when developing their range, the backlight primer is a great option, see my thoughts here.

First Light gives a helping hand and the illusion of great skin, even when it's not a great skin day. Using ingredients that include prickly pear flower, sodium hyaluronate and blue flamenco (not a lyric from Barry Manilow or a drink, but, it should be), to quench, revive, hydrate, plump, smooth and even the skin tone.
So, my thoughts, I love the light-weight nature of the product, it is smoothing and does give an unusual violet hue over the face, in a good way, my only niggle is, it does feel a little like a waste of time if I'm applying a foundation or Colour Corrective product over the top, it negates the need for the primer. I also don't feel this gives my makeup longevity. Skin tints and very subtle bases it works in partnership with and does give a soft tone to the face. Don't waste your time if you plan to go the whole hog with a medium to heavy coverage base, it's a waste of a lovely product.

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