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Skinn Collagenesis Twenty Four Hour Cream Elite - by the skinn of my teeth

Collagenesis by Skinn, Twenty-Four Hour Youth Preservation Cream Elite, is this the only cream you need?

Collagenesis Twenty-Four Hour Cream is a memory foam mattress presented as skincare, this has to be one of the most substantially bouncy products I have ever applied to my face.
As with all products I use them both morning and evening, this may be against the suggested use, but I like to really experiment and see what products have to offer. With this elite cream, I found it worked for my skin superbly as an evening skincare option, for the day, it absorbed quickly and I always prefer a glow for the day.
My first impression when I opened this colossal 50ml jar was its resemblance to sleep creams and masks, the texture almost like rubber or as I've said memory foam, this barely shows an indentation when you've taken some of the product.
Using ingredients to encourage cell turnover thereby revitalising and rejuvenating the skin, this is skin clarity awaiting.
The ingredients list reads like the Oscars of skincare, Salicylic acid, cacao seed extract, kukui seed oil, acai fruit oil, turmeric, goji berry and it goes on, all harnessing their individual properties to help achieve supple, smooth and brighter skin.

Collagenesis is my evening companion, I actually loved using it combined with a facial oil, these thick textured creams, which are light-weight when applied to the skin, just create magic when mixed, I've found this before and my skin loves the combination. But, for the purposes of a true product trial, I used it as intended, on dry skin and alone, no additions. The texture lends itself to be patted into the skin rather than rubbed or blended, it has a mousse texture which absorbs immediately, skin becomes a Venus Fly Trap, literally, I applied the product and whoosh it was welcomed by my skin and gone to the depths, well, as far as a cream can really go and it's not middle earth, but at least the surface is seeing some skincare action.
Regular readers will know that I personally prefer products that leave a little slip of product behind, that glow, so this wasn't my preferred finish, but, almost primer like, my skin felt smooth. For me, it came into its own when blended with a facial oil, altering the application so it can be blended, this left my skin with the slip I prefer, but, also with the softest skin and the following morning, it was still soft and smooth looking.
Where Collgenesis is truly clever is actually in the texture and absorption, if unlike me you don't worry about a products slip, this is the cream that will take you through the warmer months, it doesn't feel heavy or clawing, it's absorbed quickly, leaving skin soft and not feeling oily or sticky. If you up your skincare in the Winter months and introduce a heavy duty cream and wish it suited your skin through the summer months, then here is the solution, Collagenesis all your summers in one jar and can be used both morning and evening.

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