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There are times when a product arrives and I just don't want to use it, yes, the packaging is pretty but, it's not that. Certain products linger on my wish list and occasionally I buy them and just have a fear that they won't live up to the hype or the imagined glorious results that I have envisaged in my head. La Belle Lune had quite a lot expected of it.

With the words 'a night-time elixir' in my head, I depressed the small pump to release two drops of this organic face oil. Golden in colour, rich in texture, I do struggle when oils are overly runny, for me, proper oils have a stability about them, even when pooling in the palm of my hand. This gathers, like a proper oil, herded into my warm palm, overflowing with organic ingredients, vitamins A, B, B1, B2, B6, C, D and E, amino acids, Omegas 3,6,7,9 and beta carotene. The aroma arrives courtesy of the infusion of lavender, rose otto, frankincense and carrot seed essential oils, these oils also provide a great system to care for the skin, fighting free radicals, stimulating cells to regenerate, helping to tone and protect the skin.
I have used plant oils for decades and have found them invaluable as part of my skincare routine, I would choose them over moisturiser any day. Even one drop just makes that difference to my skin and they are great option to mix with foundation and other bases to alter the finish.

Reading on from 'night- time elixir', the following words leapt out in all their golden glory 'Use 1-3 pumps at night when the stars are shining and the moon is bright', to an old romantic, and lover of anything far from the ordinary, this was product and packaging perfection in my mind. It has a fairytale built around it before you even use it, clever, so, how magical is this violet Miron glass bottle of golden oil, you ask?

Pass the broomstick, this will have you bewitching all those around you, it is a joyous skincare oil. From the initial aroma as the oil, warmed in the palm of my hand, to it being pressed into my face, relaxed is the only option, everything slows down, that Sunday morning feeling is yours every night of the week. It glides over my face, blending out and I can feel that 'fizz' I often talk about with a good oil. I always apply La Belle Lune early evening, this stops some of it ending up on my pillow, I want as much as possible absorbed into my skin. By morning, Abracadabra, well, this stops my skin dehydrating and looking creased, my skin is clear and I never feel the need for moisturiser or layers of products when I use this.
This sits amongst my all time favourites of Chia Seed, Neroli and Lotus facial oils, for the aroma and the results, silky skin and soft to the touch.
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