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MARKS & SPENCER - have the formula

There is something comforting about buying a product from a store that has been a part of life in some way or another, food, underwear, furniture, a quick snack in the restaurant and the purchase of something rose scented for an aunt's birthday. Marks & Spencer have always, in my lifetime, sold makeup and skincare, a tiny amount, which has now expanded and stocks some great result giving brands. 'Formula' is their own range and I was tempted by a cleanser, no surprises there!

The Formula cleansing oil was a 'must', and I was hooked from the first use. It smells utterly divine, think L'Occitane Sweet Almond Oil range and you have it.
Overlooking the fact that my packaging was faulty, the oil certainly wasn't.
Dark in colour, rich in consistency rather than the watery ones that disappear down the plughole before I even get them to my face.
I use the cleansing oil as part of my evening routine, usually, as a second cleanse, the warmth of the oil and the rich blend make ideal for lifting away the remaining cleanser and makeup residue. My skin feels soft, clean and ready for my skincare that follows.

One thing worth a mention, I know many out there like to know these things, this has a highly refined version of mineral oil as the first ingredient, it isn't something I bother about now, life is too short and it's not on my skin for long, plus the price of the oil is £10. I do object to expensive skincare products using such a cheap skin care ingredient and charging the earth. Ideally, it would be great if brands just stopped, but, I doubt that will happen. I had no issue with the oil, my skin remained clear, with no skin issues at all.
Aside from the 'elephant in the room' the oil contains avocado oil, grape seed oil and the delicate jojoba oil, I find this really softens my lashes and leaves my skin soft to the touch.
A perfect match for The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil in the performance aspect of removing makeup and leaving skin clean and smooth, unsure how the ingredients match up but I love them both.
One for the repurchase list!

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