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Formula - For The Ultimate Sleep

For someone who has little problem sleeping I have an unhealthy obsession with skincare that mentions the word 'sleep', I am almost convinced that maybe there is, even more, to be achieved for my skin just because of the word. So, late to the party with this, I am all over Marks & Spencer Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream.

Formula skincare has over 20 years of expertise behind it, this Ultimate Sleep Cream states it is proven to tackle 10 signs of ageing, only ten, I can cope with that, including fatigued-looking skin, age spots, firmness, elasticity and dullness to name a select few.
The first evening I used this I fell a little in love, the scent, the texture, the softness of my skin, the smoothing effect, it was as near to skin care perfection I've seen and used in a long time. Although the texture is familiar, a rich cream, this has a softness, a silky touch that glides over the skin, leaving it supple, smooth and a filtered softness to the general look. Night after night this sorcery continued, it was a pleasure to get to this final stage in my skincare routine. By morning my skin was clearer, brighter and certainly smoother.
Next, of course, I wanted to mix a facial oil with the cream, I had previously done this with another sleep cream and oil, and had great results. So, in I went with the Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil first, three drops pressed onto my cleansed skin, after a couple of minutes I applied the Formula Ultimate Sleep Cream, again, it felt luxurious, my skin glowed and the smell of the combined products was olfactory pleasing. My skin loved this combination, again, this sleep cream and oil are perfect bedtime partners, my skin just gets better and better.

I have been so impressed, or should that be obsessed, that I've bought another in fear or being without this wondrous potion. 
A quick glance at the ingredients list had me singling out Niacinamide and Dimethicone, so, the latter is a silicone and gives my skin that smooth, filled in and bouncy look that I'm rather fond of this lurked further down the list but third was Niacin or Vitamin B3. Niacin is a body essential for brain, nerves and skin, it's a superb ingredient for improving the skin's barrier and holding essential moisture in place, it eases redness, protects against infrared and gives life back to tired and dull skin.
This is one cream that doesn't sleep on the job, it has you counting sheep not lines, a beautiful texture, perfect to work with further skin care products or use alone, results have been obvious for me.

High on my list of favourite products of 2017, it is still a difficult product to get hold of, try online, and grab two, make it three, actually a half dozen should do it.

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