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Nars - have you covered

During my time blogging I have seen that skincare is always the more popular topic, people relish a post about high performance this, line diminishing that. Makeup always sits comfortably second on the list, however, one product that steps over this imaginary line is concealer. People, meaning me, are obsessed with the wide range on offer and Nars have added to this obsession and to their iconic brand with another concealer to tempt you, Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer.

I held my breath, went into the little pot, swirled my finger around and patted the Vanilla shade under my eyes and over the dark circles that are the black holes of my universe. This is a red herring of a product, because, it has you believing that it's thick, there's too much, it'll crease, it'll fall into the crevasse of lines and then it magically doesn't. It's there, it's in place and it transforms into a breath of dark circle hiding magic.

I've learnt that my enthusiasm for a product can soon be faced with the reality that once the rose coloured spectacles have slipped along and down my nose, leaving those nasty indents at either side, products are average. So, I used it every day, waiting, waiting for the surge of disappointment but those metaphorical glasses stayed in place, although, this is a great concealer for the marks left by glasses.

The left eye with concealer and the right without (as you're looking at the picture)

Nars Matte Complete Concealer is a gem, of the jewelled, dark circle, covering variety. This is one that could have me editing my concealer collection down to the one, who'd have thought that would happen?

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