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I have revisited the brand Philosophy, who many years ago kept me stocked with Vitamin C and their rather addictive peel duo, which I loved. Purity is their cleanser and one I was undecided about, so, here I am over 10 years later seeing if I feel any differently.

I am using the Philosophy Purity cleanser for my morning routine, I know it isn't the consistency that I feel would take me makeup off to my liking, so it doesn't feature as part of my evening routine. It is aimed as a 3 in 1 and will remove makeup and eye makeup, it just isn't my preference, I do love balms and oils for the evening.

I apply it to my dry face and it immediately turns to a white gel textured cream, I need to rinse this from my face, a cloth just moves it around.
One change for me was previously, it always left my skin feeling tight and dry, this is no longer the case and my skin just feels clean.
The thing that always made me wary was aside, from the occasional carrot oil listed within the ingredients, there also lurked sulphates, hydrogen peroxide and few other long named additions that are as difficult to pronounce as certain Welsh towns and villages (before you scream at me, it is humour and I am Welsh, well, one arm and a knee, but, it still counts). As it is a wash off quickly product I rarely overthink these things and it was my choice to buy it, I just feel it is always worth a mention, especially as the ingredients are often hard to find.
Although this leaves my skin clean and that is basically all I want from it, I wouldn't buy the full size, the beauty of Latest In Beauty is choosing products for my monthly allowance of 9 and trying newbies or returning, as in this case, to old products. It is a great size and used up before boredom sets in, for the ease and suitability of the what I require it to do I would pick it again, but I wouldn't want it to be the only cleanser in my routine.

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