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Summer Skincare, working backwards, burnt bacon anyone?

So, you've cooked yourself in the sun, all day, you look like and have the faint hint of cooked bacon about you, your skin may never forgive you. What can you do to rectify the damage?

Any change in colour to the skin indicates damage, I am fastidious about SPF, but, I've had days where I've forgotten or just been too damn lazy. So, working backwards I have some product ideas for those times when you're over cooked and need some delicate care. Severe sunburn should always be checked by a doctor, seek medical advice as soon as possible.

If possible and where possible try to hydrate the skin, using a moisturiser or gel product, a gel will feel cool on application and Ladival have a wonderful DNA Repair After Sun gel, that could be the answer. This lightweight product absorbs without leaving any sticky residue, so, you can dress after application. This DNA gel has a unique formula with photolyase enzyme, this supports the natural skin regeneration process for sun damaged skin, helping to restore the DNA structure.
This is the perfect relief when skin feels taut and has that angry lobster hue about it, the gel alleviates sun related reddening to the skin. Packed with vitamin E to not only work against those nasties UVA, UVB and Infrared that prematurely age the skin, this vitamin also works at soothing damaged areas. If you are a sun worshipper, it's aways worth having the solution, if you know you'll create a problem.

One item I take with me during the summer months, in a handy handbag sized bottle, or full size if I am heading on my holidays, is a facial mist, which can also be applied over the body, Serozinc by La Roche Posay is a great option as it has anti-bacterial properties, I also like a soothing and skin-caring option from Jurlique. They do a fabulous calming mist (their Rose mist is iconic), this Calendula Redness Rescue has soothing cucumber extract, chamomile, aloe, linseed and of course Calendula itself. Perfect for refreshing the skin, hydrating and most importantly soothing. This alcohol-free mist is great for flights, long car journeys, it's light relief at the hottest times.

Constantly moisturising is another great way to keep skin in condition and there so many lovely tan prolonging options available, Institut Esthederm has a lovely option that also soothes warm skin, prolongs a tan and with liquorice as an ingredient it reduces the risk of skin sensitivity. This beautiful lotion gives skin a stunning healthy sheen at the same time as caring for the skin.

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