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Facial oils are a huge love of mine, I have embraced oils for over 2 decades and continue to adore the vast amount that is lurking out there in skincare land. Bodhi & Birch, a much-loved brand of mine, their Neroli Oil is a massive favourite, and a brand that generously sends me items that I adore has a new blend of the very popular Desert Rose Facial Oil.

Bodhi and Birch have a new blend of their extremely popular Desert Rose Oil, this face refining oil helps the renewal and rejuvenation of the skin. Using essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, this 100% natural ingredient facial oil rehydrates dry and damaged skin, perfect to take a small amount to apply during a flight or while away on holiday and equally perfect to keep to hand as part of your everyday routine in your bathroom.
Nourishing, to say the least, this oil gives skin the MOT needed to keep it toned, smooth, soft and is perfect for a face that may have seen more than a couple of decades, let's say over thirty, this Desert Rose Oil also helps with keeping the skin structure in a brighter more radiant finish, restoring moisture and maintaining the ph levels and metabolism.
As with anything containing Rose and Rose Hip I am always a little dubious, certain blends just do not sit well and leave my skin bumpy, tiny raised areas generally across the forehead.
I was beyond happy when after some time there was no problem at all, not a bump in sight, but, knowing how much thought, effort, knowledge and high-quality ingredients are used in Bodhi and Birch products I would have been surprised if there had been.
My skin responds so positively to oils and this was more than welcome, certainly, after a day in the garden, it's rehydrating properties eased my skin and it felt so soothing to apply when I had removed my SPF and detritus from my skin. The richness and warmth of the oil relaxed and moisturised my face, a superb option for a morning or evening routine and the extra when worked into the hands leaves them supple and hydrated.
Overlooking my oddness when it comes to scents I dislike, the grown up part of me ( and it's not much), respects the wonder of rose on maturing skin, Bodhi and Birch give you the best of the best in this Desert Rose Facial Oil, rich, luxurious, a garden of Eden by one of the best skincare brands.

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