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TANNING - how to fake it

So, the sun has got his hat on and so have you, if baking yourself to the shade of a lobster is not your style and you prefer to fake the bronzed, holiday abroad look there are a vast array of products out there. It is without a doubt easy to gain that healthy golden brown hue without breaking the bank. Here are some high street options, to tempt you to tan in the comfort of your own home.

I am a lazy tanning person, I don't even care if I'm golden from the sun or a product, it's never been the main priority, but, I've tried products and often liked the hydration and glow they have given my skin, rather than the colour change.
Superdrug has a great cruelty free sun range, Solait, it covers everything from tanning to protection and I have a particular in shower tanning option that I reach for each year.

Tanning Mousse, Express Dark Tan requires some commitment on your part, exfoliation of the body, give those rough knees and elbows a good brush and then apply the tanning mousse to the skin using an application mitt, also available from the Solait range. Depending on the colour you wish to achieve, leave for 1 hour for light up to 3 hours for a deep tan, and then wash off. The colour will intensify over several more hours, the tan can be topped up as and when required with this fruity, tropical scented mousse. Enriched with Aloe Vera, Glycerin and Vitamin E, skin is kept moisturised, giving a longer life to the overall tan. Your bed sheets are safe as well, no transfer or streaks, the perfect option for an all year all round tan.

Tanning Wipes, the only time you'll see me even think about using wipes and that's for my body and this is the level my tanning extends to, anything quick and simple. Solait Wipes have a similar skin caring premise as the mousse, vitamin e and Aloe Vera to hydrate the skin, a tropical holiday scent that, for a second, makes you feel the sand beneath your feet.
These do require exfoliation of the body before application, pay attention to rough skin areas, then moisturise the body, I used Roger & Gallet Sorbet, then apply using the wipe in a circular motion. Take it easy over the knees, elbows and any other areas you don't want an obvious orange tint.
Always wash hands after using anything like this, I have had the palms of a satsuma before now.
Easy to use, quick, simple and lasts for days, the colour is a hint, but, I liked the natural finish and look to my skin. Also, you can work on specific areas, if it's only arms and legs showing, then the job just got easier.

Solait Overnight Tan Mask is a light-weight formulation for the face, it smells fruity, comes out as a white lotion and applies easily. I always blend over my ears and down my neck. The morning after the first application there was a subtle change, more noticeable around the hair line, nothing obvious, no streaks or tan lines. The second application gave me a warmer shade and once again, it looked perfectly natural and there were no obvious signs I had used anything to aid the slight warmth to my face. The Tan Mask can be applied each evening until you get the desired colour and then you can apply as and when you want. Again, remember to wash your hands after applying this, orange palms could be yours at no extra cost.

A huge favourite of mine is the St. Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion, I adore the condition of my skin when I use this, so beautifully hydrated. Easy to use, the only downside is the waiting for three minutes. I don't always exfoliate before using this, and, it still works fine. Apply over the body, remember to wash off from hands immediately after. I step out of the shower and brush my teeth for the allotted time, then back in to wash away the product. I find the light option gives my skin a lovely warmth and beautiful glow, the medium is a warmer bronze, but still, not excessive.

I try to continuously apply body lotions and creams during the summer months to keep my skin hydrated and tanning products definitely work better I feel. I personally prefer to keep my routine of tanning simple, there are of course fabulous treatments in salons where experts work wonders, I'm a control freak, so, doing it my way is the better option.

Tanning isn't essential, your skin, your choice.

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