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JURLIQUE - keeping skin calm with Calendula

Jurlique making me misty eyed for their Calming Mist

Maybe it is mind over matter, you know, those times when everything is just too much, or you're feeling out of sorts and just need a little comfort, something that makes it all feel that little bit better. I often turn to products to ease my 'off it' days and Jurlique's alcohol-free calming mist is skin refreshment and care in a bottle. Formulated to bring comfort, calm redness, hydrate and clarify the skin, this works for me many ways. I find the subtlety of the cucumber & chamomile smell so relaxing, perfect on hot days, I decant this into a plastic bottle to carry in my handbag. Ideal if you have sensitivity or redness, this works to refresh and rebalance my skin. It is also a nice alternative to my array of mint or ginger scented and tasting items for my travel sickness, I spray this into my hands and hold them over my face and breathe the scent in, it helps me focus and keep calm, I definitely feel settled with this as part of my travel rescue pack. 

I'd offer this to over-cooked friends and family, you know the lobster red look that some favour, it's not a cure but with Calendula, Aloe, Linseed, cucumber and chamomile to hydrate, refresh and comfort, it would certainly help. 
The perfect mist for a skincare routine, slots into morning and evening, equally light-weight enough to refresh makeup during the day. 
As iconic as Jurlique Rose Balancing Mist has become and I use it, this Calendula is a winner in my eyes, delicate, softly scented and leaves my skin dewy. 
Jurlique never fails to make my skin happy. 

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