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Shea Moisture - Conditioner, frizz be gone.

Shea Moisture Haircare, the 'mane' attraction.

Firstly, you need to check out the Shea Moisture website here, just to give you an idea of the ethics and products available from this family brand, who have been in business since 1912. The great news is, you can grab yourself products in the UK, just check out Superdrug, who are superb at spotting brands that make affordable, result giving products.

Shea Moisture Frizz Defense Conditioner has been developed to soften and work those pesky tangles from thick, wavy hair. Here, I must interject with the obvious fact, those of you who have watched my YouTube channel will know, my hair is far from thick and not particularly wavy, the odd kink, but, not wavy. However, as with skincare, I am reluctant to ever be pigeonholed and the same applies to hair products, the reason this leapt out at me was the colour safe aspect of the product and the humidity shielding, ideal when living by the sea creates a series of less than attractive hair styles.

This smells amazing, it is sweet, fruity and the texture is very lightweight, forget those thick silicone heavy conditioners. For my long hair, I did use quite a lot of the conditioner, the lotion texture disappeared quickly through my hair and I needed several pumps. Ideally, comb the product through and leave for 3 minutes, I used the Wet Brush Pro for this, so nothing dragged at my hair.
Frizz Defense is quick to rinse from hair and left my locks very soft, smooth and tangle-free.  I noticed over several days of humid weather that I wasn't getting the little wisps sticking out and drifting across my face, my hair feels super light-weight using this conditioner.

One thing I particularly liked was the lack of product build up, my scalp was certainly the better for it and my hair has certainly not been as unruly, although, the softness makes it feel super fine when I am trying to style it. For the smell alone and the humidity protection, this is one bottle of conditioner that has me keen to try further options in the varying ranges. 

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