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GHOST Sweetheart Forever - raising the spirits

 Ghost Sweetheart Forever, the fragrance that gives a summer fanfare.

Ghost Sweetheart Forever captivates from the first misting of fragrance, a beautifully blooming, woody, oriental Eau De Toilette.
This stunning opaque bottle is housed within a blush pink box, adorned with hints of rose gold. A slimline bottle, so delicate, it resembles a vase to hold a single bloom.
From the first I smelt the floral but also a sweetness, so quickly that turns to rich woody, fruity, spicy notes, warming, invigorating and enveloping. A soft flowery accent then hangs gently in the air with a powdery hue. On my skin, this holds the sweetness and oriental tone, fresh but with attitude, a perfect summer fragrance but I can tell this will work well in the Winter, it has Patchouli, Wood and Vanilla as base notes, giving a warm grounding. At the heart is Rose and White Flower, these do not stand out and as I prefer less floral fragrances, it works for me.
Topping the notes are Cassis, Lychee and Orange.

Ghost Sweetheart Forever has the softness to be worn through the day but will work as an evening option, the Cassis, Patchouli and Wood give it that strength to take you into the night.
A rather unique fragrance that mixes the floral with the oriental and woody notes, creating the gentleness yet it has a bite of the most glorious richness.

Fairly new to the fragrance market, launched only in June this is available in 30ml and 50ml sizes, at Boots.

Ghost Sweetheart Forever will surely be a forever fragrance for many, it has certainly sweetened my fragrance collection.

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