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Institut Esthederm - Tan Prolonging Body Lotion

Institut Esthederm body lotion

Institut Esthederm Tanning Prolonging Body Lotion has been my most reached for body product over the last few months, find out why.

Institut Esthederm has a beautiful range of products and one that has stood out for me has been the Tan Prolonging Body Lotion, more for the texture and consistency of the product rather than keeping my 'accidental' tan up to scratch. When I say accidental, I don't lie out and cook myself brown, it just happens, with SPF without SPF, I catch the rays, if I'm gardening, out and about, just loitering around town trying to avoid buying another red lipstick, the tan happens.
Long term readers are already aware that I go through phases, you know, that one where I neglect moisturising my body until it resembles a piece of dried wizened fruit. Then I go crazy and my skin thinks it's on safe ground again, well, until Winter, when under jeans and jumpers, the neglect resumes.
However, my determined effort to keep up the body creams and lotions has been a success and this Institut Esthederm has been a great addition to my routine, a lightweight body lotion that doesn't leave a sticky residue, it blends and absorbs into the skin, leaving skin smooth and soft.

This is a perfect option for holidays, keeping your tan in great condition but also the subtlety of the texture doesn't feel too much in hot weather. 
It is ideal to apply when you've had a day of tanning, cooling the skin, liquorice extract aids this, it also keeps up hydration and regulating mineral loss due to sun exposure. 
Also ideal as it's is non-scented, so won't react with the sun or interfere with any fragrance you use. 
Although it was developed to use after a day in the sun, I love to apply this morning and evening, it's so perfect and is really keeping my skin in beautiful condition. 
This is not an SPF or a replacement for using sun protection, it cares for and cools the skin after sun exposure but, I find it the perfect body lotion whatever the weather and season. 

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