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IT Cleansing Balm - it's a winner!

Oh yes, I did! - you at the back can stop shaking your head and live long with the knowledge that cleansing balms will forever be my obsession along with a list of many other beauty products. Cleansing Balms, you know the drill, I love one in particular but, I am always tempted by newness and IT cosmetics dared to offer yet another opportunity to assist in the removal of my makeup face.

IT Bye Bye Makeup is a skin softening concentrated 3 in 1 melting cleansing balm, developed to be fast acting, deep cleansing without drying using a skin-softening serum concentrate, that works on contact with the skin to combat the loss of moisture.
Once the silver box is opened a large tub, declaring in a silver grey font that IT is IT and that the balm was developed with plastic surgeons, not sure that would ever sell a product to me, but, if it works, then I'm happy.
The balm appears hard and waxy, it is easy to remove with a spatula or finger and melts over the face as it is massaged into the skin, my eye makeup was decimated in seconds, it was all a blur. I also love that there is no product left on the eye or any stinging, as a glasses and contacts wearer it's important for me that products are effective but don't hang around after the event. You can emulsify the balm by adding water, I find just using a face cloth or flannel works a treat and lifts away the balm with ease, taking the makeup with it.
When it comes to cleansing balms, I generally know from the first use if it's going to work for me, I've used them for over 25 years, so, I'm pretty clued up about what a balm needs to do for my skin. This applies easily, it doesn't sting the eyes or cause irritation or redness when removed. My skin feels soft and there is no drying or tightening texture to my skin. I like that the balm emulsifies and it removes without leaving a greasy coating, everything is wiped away. I can use this without using a separate eye makeup remover, I have not tried it with waterproof mascara, however.
It Bye Bye Makeup is a winner, I adore the citrus scent, it feels fresh and my skin looks clean and bright. Balms away, I love it!

You can buy it at Selfridges or QVC

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