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PIXI Peel & Polish -

PIXI Peel & Polish Resurfacing Concentrate is here to brighten your day and your skin.

When you spend the majority of your cash on skincare, I mean, I do buy dog food and chocolate first, the husband is thriving, so, when all those essentials are taken care of then, then I spend ALOT on skin care. So, for these miracle pots, jars and tubes to actually complete their mission they need reasonably uncluttered skin to work on, cluttered by dead skin cells is a definite no-no. 
Pixi Peel Polish is a 6% Lactic Acid & Papaya radiance revealing enzyme at home peel. Banish those dead skin cells and reveal brighter, smoother and super soft skin. 

This peach toned grainy consistency can be applied to dry or wet skin, it is recommended to avoid the eye area. I massage onto my dry skin and let the heat of my hands and the product work its magic, then leave for the recommended 2 minutes,  I found rinsing away the peel was easier than trying to use a cloth or flannel to wipe the product away. I also found it super quick to rinse off in the shower, ensure the water is cooler for the face than you have for the body. 
Pixi Peel & Polish is the fast way to the softest skin, I love how smooth my skin feels, used either morning or evening this is the perfect product to use 2-3 times a week to ensure your products are working their best for you. My skin always looks fresher, cleaner and feels smoother. I look forward to using this, I can feel the grains cleaning my skin without any redness or other irritations, it gives me polished skin. 

As with any product containing AHA's, this does make skin more sun sensitive, ensure you use SPF and limit sun exposure when using this or any product of this nature. 

Start or end your day the Pixi way, Peel & Polish has given me a great base to use all those products I keep buying, shhh, that's between us. 

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