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NUJO - a caffeine fix for skin


Nujo is my kind of brand, it has a select few products and they let them speak for themselves.

Nujo Anti-Ageing Secret is housed in a hermetically sealed casing, the beauty of which is you can see how much is left of the product.
This delicate lotion is lightweight and perfect for use in your morning or evening routine, the texture is silky and absorbs quickly without leaving a tacky residue. Using an active Caffeine formula that promotes itself as the 'natural Botox alternative', organic ingredients with not a sign of animal testing, parabens or sulphates.
I used this formula both as part of my morning and evening routine, I found there to be a very subtle scent to this product, a hint of caffeine with a nutty undertone.

This couldn't be more perfect for the summer weather, it's lightweight consistency lends itself to a smooth application without it feeling too much or caked onto the skin, my only issue was trying to work it with other products. I could cleanse and use a facial mist but it caused other oils, serums and SPF to roll when applied either beneath or over the lotion.
I was happily using it on days when I was just in and around the house but, for my normal routine during the day, this didn't play nicely with other products, including foundation and other makeup.
I moved it into my evening routine, again it didn't work with added products and rolled into my hairline. I did use various consistencies and alternated products to ensure that it wasn't something else, it wasn't. This caffeine fix likes to work alone and sometimes that's not always a bad thing, we don't have to layer on products all of the time. I used it alone after applying my hydrating mist, every other evening, smoothing and soothing during the warmer evenings, I liked the subtlety of the product. My skin felt smoother to the touch and it was a pleasure to not always to have vast amounts of products to apply.
Overall it kept my skin looking healthy, smooth and certainly achieved the same results that I often use 3,4,5 products for. I like the organic nature of the product, Aloe Vera, sunflower seed oil, olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin c, vitamin e, hyaluronic acid, all in this active formula with coffee butter to brighten, hydrate, smooth and prevent sun damage.
Nujo Anti-Ageing Secret needs no backup, it works alone giving you healthy skin.
Nujo is a UK based brand but, they do deliver worldwide.

Check out their website here

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