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THE HERO PROJECT - Night Drops -

The Hero Project has the prettiest packaging containing their new launch Night Drops.

The Hero Projects has this stress less age defying Elixir, from the rich aroma of chamomile, neroli and patchouli oils that immediately relaxes the mind and the body. Using 10% Niacinamide to restore the skin's tone, texture and help with stress related skin issues. This is a fast absorbing serum, great if you apply it last minute before bed, it won't be wasted on the pillow.
Having eagerly ripped open the packaging, I hadn't read anything about the product, I just wanted, no, I needed to see it in all its glory. I was, to be honest, a little disappointed, I expected some luxurious oil, a rich serum, it is, however, a white cream which at times is particularly hard to collect in the pipette.
However, once on the face these little niggles are forgotten, this is relaxation in a bottle, the scent is perfection, breathing in this rich aroma just calms everything, a perfect product to use before bed or during a flight.
I prefer to use this as my last applied product of the evening and generally not over a facial oil, this for me, works better doing its own thing. So, I cleanse, use an exfoliating lotion, spray on a hydrating mist, apply eye cream and then use the Hero Project Night Drops.

After the first use, although tiny, I could see the general appearance of my skin was clearer and brighter. I don't particularly look for immediate changes when I start using a product, I often prefer the ones that gradually work on the skin. I am in my late forties, I don't expect miracles but, I do expect my skin to look a little better, this ticks all the boxes and for the relaxation alone it's a winner, it is comforting, great if you are anxious or often feel overwhelmed, I even use a small amount through my hands just to breathe in the scent and feel calm. 

This is your time machine in a bottle, it slows everything down, stops the anxious moments, relaxes you and therefore your skin, it's giving you control back in the best-scented way possible. 

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