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SPACEMASKS - am I seeing stars?

Captain's Log, Stardate 2306.2017, Spacemasks.Com have entered my solar system, the question is, what were my findings?, resistance is futile, the force is strong, you will relax, proper drifting off, forgetting everything.
I have an eye mask with my name on it, do I wear it, no, as a child with a highly active imagination this 'curse' has travelled with me to adulthood and only now have I learnt to sleep with ear plugs restfully and peacefully, without sitting up every half hour convinced I've heard a noise or that the witch that lived in various pieces of furniture when I was a child has moved location again.
My point being, I'm not great when my senses are somehow inhibited, so, to feel relaxed wearing an eye mask takes some doing, Spacemasks had me practically asleep from the first warming sensation of the mask and the calming scent of jasmine.
There are five masks in the pack, all sealed in their own envelope, when opened they react with oxygen, so, get yourself prostrate and affix the mask, it has loopholes for your ears. Gradually the mask begins to heat up, the warmth across the brow bone is superbly calming and I feel these will be more than welcome when I feel a migraine approaching. The warmth of the mask and the jasmine scent drifting across the face is a dream. You can't help but close your eyes and breathe deeply, sigh after sigh is one of contentment. I actually wasn't aware of time and suddenly became aware the mask was cool, although the jasmine scent remains for days.

My next leisurely experience was an afternoon, the husband the dog had both nodded off, so, I relaxed back on the sofa, took one of the masks and waited for the scent and the warmth to take over. Two hours later, I woke from one of the best naps I've had in ages, I remember suddenly feeling so calm and everything that was bothering me was little further away, just out of touch. I felt so calm and almost civilised, which for me is a rare thing.
I've since had many comments about the masks, either people who are going to get them or have after seeing my total adoration of them. They make the world stop and that's a good thing, everything switches off and it's about time, time for YOU, find the space and relax with Spacemasks, you'll have a stellar experience.

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