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Bio-essence Gold Standard Miracle Finisher

Are you primed and ready? if not, Bio-Essence has it covered with their 24K Bio-Gold Miracle Finisher.

Bio-Essence has a shimmering array of skin care in the 24k Bio Gold range, this miracle finisher offers another step to add to your routine and one that shields your skin but also gives your makeup longevity. 
This light-weight fluid feels like a liquid form of powder, it transforms on the skin into the most delicate primer, almost a finely milled quality face powder, the most smoothing texture. 
Primers provide a great base, they smooth the skin and give a flawless layer for makeup to adhere to, this Miracle is just that, a miracle, yes, you get a lovely primed surface that gives your makeup a flawless finish but this also seals in the skin care already applied. This transparent veil ensures the reduction of moisture loss, again, this works against environmental damage. Using anti-oxidant properties, this shields the skin and provides a barrier against harmful free radicals (the Voldemort of nasties), the whole range is a mass army against skin damage from environmental stresses. 

Using a small amount really does lay a veil of smoothing product over the skin, it leaves a matte surface but, not overly flat and stark as many mattifying products do, this does give a natural smoothness to the skin and calms the oily t-zone in my case. The surface is a canvas ready for colour or you can leave it and get on with your day. 
I did find my makeup lasted very well during the warmer days, the finish was solid, in place and lasted very well. 
I particularly loved the multi-purpose aspect of this product, it worked as most primers but the extra skin care properties make it a useful tool, you are getting the best of both worlds, great looking makeup and a shield from environmental issues.  
Check out the range here at Superdrug, skin care was never so easy, affordable and efficient. 

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