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CIATE - pouting was never so good

I have yet to discover how 'another' red lip product can convince me that it is so unlike anything else I have that I must have it, must!
Ciaté certainly did a good job, not only was the tantalising carrot dangled in front of me a red shade but it had a case covered in red pouts, well, how could I resist?
Ciaté Pretty Stix Butter Lipstick in First Love was all mine.

Butter lipsticks, this has certainly read its own description it is the consistency of an artery blocking dairy item, gorgeously smearing, slick and silky. 
The colour has a blue tone, the pigment is strong considering the texture is so glaringly greasy, I adore the payback, just enough without being too precise. It's a devil may care lipstick, you've applied it and you don't care how it looks because you love it, it's a confident lipstick wearer's choice. Have a cup of coffee and mourn the loss of a substantial amount of 'First Love', eat, well, eat and be damned, time to reapply.  

The casing makes this the lipstick that can be presented at every available opportunity and reapplied, it's small enough not to be overly obvious but pretty enough to be noticed by those who love pretty things. This does need to be with you at all times, because, reapplication is essential, the beauty of the Pretty Stix is, it never feels too much, it doesn't dry into a horrible caked finish on the lips, it's a lip gloss with attitude. I have found using my fingers works well, rather than applying from the actual bullet. 
You can smear away to your heart's content, a hint of red or enough to stop traffic. 

This is like no other I own, it's dangerously glossy, it doesn't play nicely on a windy day with my long hair adhering itself into the buttery texture but, I don't care, I love the colour and the texture makes me free, this is the red lip that gives you the freedom to not be exacting, it isn't perfect, who wants perfect when you can buttery and pouting. 

Ciaté is my favourite First Date in a long time. 

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