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Bio-Essence Skin Awakening Day Cleanser - Gold at your finger tips

Cleansers are my first word but also my full stop, they start and end my day and I love them. Cleansers are my addiction, they are my shoe collection, I generally know instantly if it's a love affair or a momentary acknowledgement, this Awakening Cleanser refreshed my skin and my senses, it stayed and never left.
This new launch from Bio-Essence is the best way to start the day, a creamy rich cleanser, that coats the skin and removes all the previous night, leaving skin fresh and ready for a new layer of products. 
The awakening cleanser is a thick cream that glistens on the face, it shimmers as it covers the skin, the aroma is fresh and a little fruity. 
I either massage onto dry skin or slightly damp and work in and around my face for a couple of minutes. 
I find this removes best when washed off rather than using a cloth, or, rinse off in the shower at a low temperature. 
The Bio Essence Gold range has been created to fight daily aggressors that age and stress our skin. Using gold, mineral amino acids, fermented bio rice essence and with rich anti-oxidant properties, this cleanser aids that fight, protecting the skin and giving the surface radiance. 
Although marketed for the morning and yes, they have an evening option of cleanser, this would work as a second cleanse for me, I much prefer balms and oils but, it is always an option and it doesn't leave skin dry or tight.

With this Gold Bio-Essence range stocked in Superdrug, you easily can create your own skin care army against the aggressors that age and stress our skin. 

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