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A parcel arrived, perfectly square and temptingly rattling, I knew it was makeup and an email a few days earlier had me keenly cutting away the tape and delving into the box of delights.
Lola Makeup's email was a step back in time for me...........

(Visual owned by Lola Make Up by Perse)

Having worked for a high end brand for many a year I was comfortable and familiar with the aspect of seasonal makeup, Spring was always soft and pinky, with lemon or a subtle green, Summer was my least favourite, although the bronzing items were amazing the garish eye colours made me cringe, Autumn offered warmth, tones were chic and flattering, Winter, my favourite, smoked eye and a red lip. 
Lola's email made me smile, they were launching two Autumnal looks, Gold Allure & Dark Angel, one of these looks would be sent in its entirety for beauty folk to replicate and create their own Hypnotic look. 
Gold Allure was a 'me' look, smoked eye, red nails and lips, it wouldn't have been much different to looks I often create, I was intrigued by the Dark Angel, which was dark, angular, it placed colour precisely but, also, altering the face in a graphic, hard way. 
I was therefore rather pleased to receive the Dark Angel selection, something to get my makeup brushes in to and to get me back creating, just like the good old days. 

The Ultra Shine Polish in the Pebbles is a natural tone but, it has an impact when worn with a strong makeup, it is also a shade that many makeup brands are launching for their Autumnal looks. One coat and this has the nails shining with a great long lasting finish. 

The combination of the light and dark never fails to work, this look is more hard edged and against the normal eye shadow placement, the lighter shade is just a garnish and isn't blended with the darker shade, the hard edges are a must for this look. The grey has a gunmetal tone and blends easily, the hardness of the colour is very flattering and works well with my brown/hazel eyes. 

In conjunction with a bronzer used in the hollows of the cheeks and temples, this highlighter gives the perfect spotlight on the high points of the face, giving definition and shape. Not using blusher can be a great way to give a different shape to the face but it does need colour and light, the highlighter is soft with a very silky finish and perfect for that glimmer to the face. 

Spiced Red couldn't be more perfect for the Autumn, a gorgeous bronze tone with a depth of red, used with the Berry lip liner this creates the hard edged lips but the soft fullness of the lip shape. 

So, here is my replication of the Hypnotic look and then a blended down look, I have always been comfortable wearing strong colour and although I don't apply it as often now,  I really loved getting back to the brushes and colour 'properly'.
There will be a YouTube video of the Hypnotic makeup coming soon and check out my Instagram for a few faces of the Hypnotic look. 
Here's a select few.......

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