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Monu Cleanser & Toner - a reliable combination for combination skin

Monu Skincare has been my port of call for skin care many times, with variations to suit your needs they also hark back to the more relaxed and less exacting days of skin care, when cleansers were milky and toners just toned trying hard to shrink those pores no matter how often you were told they couldn't shrink, we kept trying. Monu Active Cleanser and Active Toner are today's skin care without complications.

There is something rather comforting about a cleanser that suggests removal by cotton wool, ah, those were the days when toner was just toner and milky cleansers were all you could buy and yes, vast amounts of cotton wool were used in the removal of many a cleanser. Monu Active Cleanser switched on this memory, where it's removal is the old fashioned way.
Monu Active Cleanser with a favourite ingredient of mine, calendula and the packaging is bathroom pleasing. A salon looking, plastic container, with pump dispenser holds 180 ml of the sunflower, wheat germ and peach kernel oil, the jasmine and calendula appear quite some way down the ingredients list, a little like an old movie star, now forgotten but at least they are making an appearance.
Developed for combination skin, this milky formula is gentle and effective as a second evening cleanse when I have worn minimal makeup or as a morning cleanser, it awakens the skin and leaves it clean and bright. I still prefer to use a cloth to remove the product, cotton wool is just a no for me when using a cleanser.

Active Toner, here I was, a toner that applies to cotton wool and is swept over the face to remove any cleanser residue. I could have closed my eyes and been back at the home of my parents, stinging my face with the latest pore shrinking promise in a dubious bottle, too strong for my young skin, but, in I went. Today, we still sweep over the face with various tonics and waters, but, they are more likely to hydrate and exfoliate.
Monu has another favourite ingredient added to this toner, neroli and with the added witch hazel, those pores are still under attack but in a sensible manner. The aroma is addictive, I would wear this as a fragrance, it has a spicy freshness about it and in a clever way, the scent makes me feel my skin is cleaner from using it.
A perfect end to my cleansing routine, refreshing the skin, and leaving it ready for the outstanding Monu Facial Oil, more to come about that, keeps your eyes peeled for the review.

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