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Monu - Soothing Hawaii Facial Oil - one Hula of a product!

Monu has this gorgeously named Soothing Hawaii Facial Oil, I am already swooning, but, facial oils tend to do that to me. 

Monu packaging is straight forward, it's whats in the bottle that counts, I personally like the salon friendly aesthetics of their products.
This glass bottle contains 30ml of facial oil, ideal to hydrate, soothe and rebalance the skin.
Unscrew the lid and immediately I smell lavender, great for calming and relaxing, I am already feeling good about this oil. Using a blend of Sandalwood for hydration, Grape Seed to rebalance and encourage the skin's cell turnover, Apricot Kernal oil, hazel seed oil and cardamom this is one essential oil, oil. Developed for Combination skin, don't let that scare you off, this is so luxurious, I wouldn't want to put anyone off from trying it. 

I am tempted to insert a GIF here of major waving hands, you know the HALLELUJAH moment, this really produced some amazing looking skin the very next day after use. I then applied some for the day and my goodness, in conjunction with my regular much loved and newly discovered skin care, this gave me the most glowing, not oily, glowing skin. It looked healthy, pretty, that ethereal look, amazing. 
Here I must rewind because of course, my initial use is very important, this can often be the make or break of a product, the smell, the application, the ease of use. I love pipette packaging for oils, it gives the exact amount and I apply straight to my skin, so I don't waste any. 
The smell, yes lavender, but then the warmth of Sandalwood develops and it smells amazing, the oil is very rich, you know it's on your skin. 
Having been a user of Monu previously and knowing their oils have always worked on my skin I can honestly say this is the best I have used. 

This Soothing Facial Oil continues as part of my daytime essentials, it really leaves my skin beautifully ready for makeup and I can even forgo moisturiser, my makeup looks smoother, clearer, even by the end of the day, everything looks good. I have used it as part of my evening routine, and it worked as well as the daytime application, as I am currently trying a new item of evening skin care, this is purely morning routine for the time being. Monu facial oil has been such a wonderful addition to my facial oil collection that I have edited that stash down as this gave me the results and the great finish to my skin care that many were nowhere near achieving. 
Monu the Marvellous, get your grass skirt at the ready, this Soothing Facial is one Hula of a product. 

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