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Makes Me Blush - Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Blush

I make no apology for a purchase that was not in any way needed, I am beyond caring because, well, life is short, so buy the blusher. And I did.......

I've spoken before about the frustrated artist within me, makeup is my paintbox, and years of nursery nursing helped to ease the need, the urge to be creative, give me glitter and I'll give you a Christmas decoration for every day in December. I am the woman who with the help of 24 pre-schoolers carried half a tree into the nursery and transformed it into the house Pooh Bear lived in, complete with honeypots and bees, not real bees, give me tissue paper and I'll give you bees. Hopefully, by now you've caught my drift when the creative synapses zap away, I just have to follow, so, I bought a blusher.

Rouge Bunny Rouge, yes, the perfect named brand for Rougepout, I have been aware of them for a long time and then ORPHELINE caught my eye, it was a 'must have' moment, the longing, the need, it was in the online basket and ordered.
Packaging is simple, the boxes are black with white font, an intricate floral design is barely visible etched around the edges of the box.
The blusher compact is cool to the touch, a metallic/plastic finish with the Rouge Bunny initials centred on the lid.

The magnetic clasp releases and then it's the big reveal, it really is a stunning blusher as pink as pink can be, etched with the floral design of the outer box and with the Rouge Bunny initials, a true item of beauty and colour.
My finger hovered over the pink pan of blusher, surely a little swatch was needed, I couldn't bring myself, it really is too perfect.
At some point, I will force myself to spoil this small powdered product of beauty, but, for now, I will gaze at its beauty, for it truly is rouge, not sure where the bunny comes in but you can hop over to the website here.

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