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Monu - Micro Exfoliant

The older I get and, yes, it does keep happening, the more I find exfoliation beneficial to my skin, immediate brightness and smoothness. With creams and lotions, the process is far easier and salon-worthy products are available for all.
Monu Micro Exfoliant offers a more traditional skincare option to refine the skin's texture and give skin a good polish.

Monu Micro Exfoliant is housed in a plastic tube, a white cream texture with a fresh uplifting scent, this contains delicately microfine particles to polish the skin. Using papaya enzymes to detach dead skin cells the process is cushioned and skin is protected with polysaccharides holding moisture to the skin, which is also conditioned, think hair, but, with the surface of your skin, using shea butter and panthenol. 
I use this twice a week, generally as a nightly treatment, but, it would work well to freshen the skin in the morning. I cleanse my face and then while it is still damp I work a small amount of the product over my face, I sometimes mix it with my cleanser and wash it off in the shower, ensure you lower the water temperature if you do this.

From the scent, which I am rather addicted to, to the gentleness of the exfoliation I find my skin smooth and less dull, this time of year my skin often looks greyer and I feel I often do less for my skin than the summer months. So, this exfoliant really cleanses my skin and gives it colour back, it looks fresher.
This is good Monu skincare option if you like to feel a product working and again, the scent is fruity fresh heaven.

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