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Micheline Arcier - L'Art De Vivre - dropping off to sleep

Micheline Arcier products grace my bathroom make bathing a tranquil pleasure, so, any new launch my ears prick up and these new Dream Drops are the stuff of dreams.

Micheline Arcier Dream Drops join the market at a great pre-season time, also, they join a trend of relaxing sleep inducing products.
This bottle of sweet dreams has joined the existing Harmonie blend, using the purest essential oils, chamomile, petitgrain & ylang-ylang to calm, relax and ultimately unwind you before sleep.

Dream-drops are ideal if you travel and dislike any large cumbersome packaging, this tiny bottle contains 15ml of 'you are feeling sleepy' oil, ideal to apply on the pulse points or on the chest. I do like a sprinkle of this concoction on my pillow, the peppery scent envelops me, the warmth of the lavender eases and relaxes every bone in my body, I just feel at ease, the scent ends with a sweet lift that makes sleep so welcome.
I find the focus of breathing in sleep-inducing & relaxing products channels the brain to stop and slow down, breathing slows and gradually everything is far behind and sleep beckons.
I adore the warmth from these drops, I also like the peppery hit, this makes them stand out and of course having a bathroom with a number of salts, oils and gels from Micheline Arcier, I know well, that the quality of the experience from using the products is always of a high standard. Everything is developed to give the user, you lucky devils, the best holistic experience.

If sleep evades you, or, you just need to slow down the mind, relax and unwind, these Dream Drops save you counting sheep.

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