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Brushing Up with Miropure

Makeup brushes, how many is too many? Seriously, when does it change from a necessity to obsessional?
Miropure have an 8 piece set of brushes, one for every makeup need. 

Miropure brushes are individually wrapped, the larger brushes have netting to keep the heads in place, they also arrive in a dust bag of vivid orange.

The set contains a face powder brush, which I also use for bronzer application, a flat angled brush, this shape works well again, for bronzers but also applying highlighter, a powder blush brush I think its purpose is obvious, this picks up colour easily and the soft head makes blending easy. I do like flat headed foundation brushes, ideal for their purpose but also, patting on concealer and applying facial masks. The smaller headed brushes consist of, two eyeshadow brushes, one larger than the other, perfect for cream shadows and superb for applying colour below the lash line, they are quite stiff, so colour placement is exact. 
The eyebrow brush has a small head and makes it ideal to fill in the brow area and also I like to use these for eyeliner application with creams or shadows, they make the shape positioning easy of the eyeliner flick, a great multi-purpose tool and finally, the lip brush, ideal for precise application and also ideal for using with concealer if you have any breakouts etc that need covering. 

All the brushes cleaned well and reshaped easily, because I use a strong degreaser to clean my brushes this I knew would cause problems with the wooden handle shafts, larger brushes often need a deeper soak an inevitably the brush shaft gets caught in the cleaning solution, sadly, it has pulled the colour off a couple, but, the brushes are still fine to use. 

The set also comes with tools for blackhead removal, this I would not even think of doing myself or recommend. Enjoy the brushes, they are a great addition to my extensive collection and also a great starting set for anyone with an interest in makeup and its application. 

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