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Brushes for makeup & skincare - LUXE STUDIO

Luxe Studio has The Everything Brush made for skin care and cosmetics.

Luxe Studio present their brushes in the popular rose gold shade, that makes them Instagram friendly and rather pretty mixed with all the other brushes that I feel I 'need'. Although lightweight, they have balance, something essential when using brushes, a brush that's too heavy or has no weight to it never works well, you end up fighting the brush.
The 7X and 6X have been created to cover all makeup and skin care application needs, they work equally well with liquid and powder and make applying products in an around the eye area so easy.

These oval headed brushes massage products into the skin, this makes the application even and with base products it rarely leaves brush marks behind. Tightly packed, these brushes work any product easily onto and into the skin, I find these work best when the product is applied to the head of the brush, just a small amount, you can always add more.
The Luxe 7X I use mainly for makeup application, it is great for foundation, cream highlighters and blushers, the Luxe 6X I use both as part of applying makeup, it's wonderful for patting in concealer. I have also enjoyed applying eye products around the orbital bone, I use even less when this brush is my skin care tool.

Both Luxe brushes wash well, I use Metsolv, which lifts away product and leaves them dry in under an hour, they are as good as new, definitely a great addition to a makeup brush collection.

The Luxe Studio brush range is currently exclusive to Boots - there is a brush for every makeup and skin care requirement, have a browse.

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