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Institut Esthederm City Protect

Institut Esthederm is leading the way with the new wave of skin protection, the City Protect spray.

We have gone from SPF protection to protection from daily urban and environmental factors all housed in a sleek gold can. This Institut Esthederm City Protect Spray is your skin care coat, designed to envelop and strengthen the skin's natural defences so it can fight those pesky aggressors.
This patented formula helps prevent ageing from environmental factors by neutralising free radicals and protecting the cellular DNA, it works at slowing down collagen deterioration and improves the skin's ability to fight outside exposure and pollution. 

This shiny can sits with my skin care and I have a little spritz over my skin or over my makeup and after SPF, this is not a replacement for those 5 star UVA/UVB products. The mist is light over the skin and doesn't leave any residue.
It is, of course, a long term product, you are protecting your skin, it's easy and a quick step to add to your routine. 
Environmental protection has been around for many years in a subtle way, now, we are grasping control of every possible means to make life easier for our skin. Institut Esthederm is giving a helping hand to your skin and you. 

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